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SEVEN12 Management Announces its Acquisition

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SEVEN12 Management Announces its Acquisition

SEVEN12 Management, the association management company that manages ADAA, is pleased to announce that the company was recently acquired by Kellen. Kellen is one of the largest association management companies in the world, with a 55+ year track record of success serving 130+ organizations. Kellen has a robust health care practice, serving more than 20 associations and societies around the globe representing health care disciplines, like ADAA. This merger will bring ADAA perspectives and experience with many models of healthcare organizational management to strategically guide additional programmatic offerings and services to continue to expand the organization. You can learn more about Kellen here:

“I am thrilled to partner with the Kellen team and bring their extensive expertise and robust portfolio of services to the members of ADAA,” said Molly Alton Mullins, ADAA General Manager and former CEO of SEVEN12 Management. “I 100 percent believe this new direction, complete with experienced leadership and new service offerings, is exactly what ADAA needs to move into its next chapter.”

This merger will bring new leadership to the helm of ADAA, as well as continue engagement with familiar faces. Sheila O’Neal will join the ADAA team to serve as Executive Director, and she brings more than 20 years of health care association management experience to the table. You can learn more about Sheila on Kellen’s people webpage. Many others on the current ADAA staff will continue to remain involved, ensuring a seamless transition. ADAA’s fee structure, terms and conditions, and existing partnership arrangements all remain the same.

Molly is happy to answer any questions or provide any detail you might need at Exciting times are ahead for ADAA, as we continue to position the organization to optimize growth, enhance technological improvements and e-learning capabilities, as well as develop new strategic initiatives.

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