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Letter From Leadership: Mary Beth Sojka

February 2023

Letter From Leadership

February 2023 ADAA Update

ADAA Board of Directors Headshot Mary Beth Sjoka

Dear Members

As we begin a new year, we have the opportunity to refresh, improve, expand and update – ourselves, our environments, and our relationships to name a few. As your president and a member of the newly installed Board of Directors, we are looking at all ADAA’s programs and services to ensure the value of your membership.

Changes and improvements are being made to modernize ADAA as an organization, changes such as the updated bylaws for changes in governance and the improvements to the infrastructure like the updated website and database. The improvements made are components of doing business in the modern world. A world that requires consideration of data security and privacy requirements of technology that have never been more important. Additionally, we will look at how we can improve our chapter procedures in the first quarter of 2023 to be consistent with updated security measures. 

We are asking members to complete a brief survey that will provide additional data for consideration regarding these improvements. I strongly encourage you to spend a few minutes completing this survey.

Finally, as you renew your membership in 2023, and I sincerely hope you do, you will notice a slight increase in membership dues. The ADAA Board of Directors unanimously approved a slight increase in membership dues across the board. ADAA has not raised its dues since 1997, and to ensure it remains a viable and thriving organization, this increase was necessary. The cost of doing business has increased quite a bit over the last 26 years and ADAA must also increase its membership fees to cover some of these costs. 

As your president, I am always happy to hear from any member. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to me anytime.


Mary Beth Sojka, CDA-Emeritus, RDA
ADAA President


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