ADAA Announces Partnership with Torch Dental: Elevate Patient Care with Quality Supplies

We’re excited to introduce our collaboration with Torch Dental, bringing exclusive benefits to ADAA members. Through this partnership, we are committed to providing dental assistants with top-tier supplies, thereby enhancing patient outcomes.

As an ADAA member, you receive: 

  • DSO Level Pricing: All ADAA members enjoy DSO level pricing on their orders with Torch, regardless of the size of their practice.
  • Waived Signup Fees: ADAA members benefit from waived signup fees for any referrals they make, a value currently pegged at $500. This offers a significant saving to our community.
  • Torch Dental Credit: Every ADAA member is allocated a $300 Torch credit for their dental office.
  • Supporting ADAA: With every new customer from ADAA that signs up with Torch and orders at least 10 distinct products, ADAA earns royalties. We directly channel these funds back into our organization, constantly improving the services and benefits for our members.
  • Personal Royalty Plans: If you’re an existing Torch customer, you can link your individual royalty plans for specific brands or companies to your Torch account. Continue to receive credit for every product purchase, ensuring you always maximize benefits.

*Membership Verification: Torch is dedicated to our partnership and commits to verifying ADAA membership before processing any benefits.  

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Torch Dental offers advanced software that simplifies dental operations, streamlines supply ordering, and optimizes spending. Their tools include custom dashboards, order recommendations, and robust analytics. By using cloud technology and user-friendly designs, they’ve become a go-to for practices aiming to enhance operations and patient care. Learn more about the ADAA and Torch Dental partnership here.

2,000+ dental practices trust Torch Dental for supply ordering, management, and payments

Why practices choose Torch Dental?

1. Savings on Supplies
Practices save an average of 16% or more off existing pricing.
Gain the peace of mind that your team is making the best purchasing decisions.
2. Simple and Easy Ordering
So easy your team can figure it out without you! Practices save dozens of hours monthly finding, ordering and paying for supplies – the average practice reduces time spent ordering by 64% when using Torch.
3. Centralized Visibility
Manage all your favorite products and order from 110+ vendors in one place with a few easy clicks. Only one account and password to keep track of.
4. Manage Supply Spending and Budget
Access full order history and spending by products, categories, and vendors. Set monthly budgets for your team to make smart ordering decisions and control your supply spending.
5. Price Transparency
Do you know what the practice across town pays for the same dental supplies as you? It’s likely you’re paying different amounts for the same items! Gain confidence that you are getting the best value on high quality authorized products with access to Torch’s exclusive pricing.
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