Congratulations, Dental Assistants! This is your week!

This week, we celebrate you! In 1977, Dental Assistants Recognition Week was created by our professional home, the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA). Now, 47 years later, we continue to celebrate you with this special week.

Dental Assistants play a vital role in dental offices and wear many hats. They assist the Dentist, order supplies, answer the phone, are responsible for infection control, manage the office, work in the dental lab, assist in orthodontic offices, work in both clinical and business settings of a dental office and outreach programs, work in dental specialty offices, and act as liaisons to dental supply companies, just to name a few.

You advance your dental assisting career through education and continuing education. You achieve credentials such as Certified Dental Assistant, Certified Orthodontic Assistant, Certified Practice Management Assistant, and more. Your professional organization, ADAA, offers many educational opportunities and events to enhance your knowledge.

We salute you, Dental Assistants, annually during your special, historic, singular week: Dental Assistants Recognition Week.


ADAA Leadership.

Celebrate by downloading the 2024 DARW toolkit, which includes images, ads, and tipsĀ here.

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