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Council Volunteer Agreement

*YES, I will accept the President’s volunteer appointment to a council. I understand that because many members volunteer each year and are not accommodated due to the limited number of assignments available, it is imperative that those who are selected commit their time, talent, and cooperation to the project. Therefore, in accepting my appointment, I promise to be responsible to ADAA and my colleagues as follows:

  1. I shall be thoroughly knowledgeable of the ADAA Bylaws, Manual of Procedures, Policies, and Strategic Plan, specifically as they pertain to my Council and its assignment(s).
  2. I shall have computer and e-mail access in order to read, review, and respond to all e-mail correspondence on a regular basis.
  3. I shall attend and participate in all meetings and conference calls, and e-mails realizing that failure to do so could result in my being replaced on the Council.
  4. I shall communicate knowledge actively and regularly, bringing pertinent information and business to the attention of the Council.
  5. I shall accept responsibility for decisions and support the decisions of the Council, regardless of personal opinions.
  6. I shall complete assignments that I volunteer to do for my Council within the established deadlines.
  7. I shall be subject to evaluation at year-end to determine future Council participation.
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