Announcement Regarding Professional Liability Insurance

After a thorough evaluation of the needs of our community and the resources at our disposal, the ADAA Board has made a significant decision regarding our professional liability insurance offering. Our analysis shows that approximately 60% of our members already have coverage through other sources. This includes students and educators insured by their institutions, Air Force personnel covered through military services, and those who are retired or not currently practicing. As a result, a large portion of our members do not require malpractice insurance through ADAA.

Discontinuation of Professional Liability Insurance

With this in mind, ADAA Board has voted to discontinue our professional liability insurance policy, effective April 2024. This decision did not come lightly and involved extensive deliberation. Continuation of this offering would necessitate a substantial increase in membership dues, a move we believe would not be in the best interest of our members. Instead, we are choosing to reallocate these funds towards initiatives that we believe will bring greater value to our members, such as expanding our scholarship offerings, enhancing our website, and increasing opportunities for continuing education.

Next Steps for Our Members

For practicing dental assistants, whether part of ADAA or not, we strongly advise that you inquire with your employer about coverage under the dentist’s malpractice insurance. Understanding whether you are covered is crucial. If this information is not readily available, we recommend reaching out directly to the insurance provider.

For those working on a contractual basis or through a temp agency, please ensure you verify your coverage status, as policies may have specific stipulations regarding contract labor. The coverage can vary significantly by state and employment arrangement.

Resources for Those Seeking Coverage

We understand the importance of having peace of mind through insurance coverage. For those who decide they need to secure their own professional liability insurance, we have compiled a list of resources to assist you:


  • Allied Health is the carrier
  • Individuals can apply for Professional Liability Insurance
  • They can simply visit for quotes OR call into the sales department for quotes 1-800-375-2764, option 1 for sales

CM&F Group

  • 800-221-4904, spoke with Eric
  • Individuals can visit to apply for an individual policy
  • Application takes 20 minutes
  • Same day proof of coverage

We urge all our members to review their current insurance coverages and take the necessary steps to ensure they are adequately protected. ADAA remains committed to supporting our members in every way possible, and we believe this decision allows us to invest more significantly in the resources and opportunities that will benefit our community the most.

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