Letter From Leadership: Lisa Childers Hernandez

Dear ADAA Members,

It is an exciting time for ADAA as we march towards our 100th Anniversary. We are thrilled to begin the lead-up to this milestone. In the coming months, we are planning numerous events and initiatives to move the organization forward. 

President-Elect Ronda Lane, Director Erin Hendricks, and I recently attended the Yankee Dental Congress, where we each gave presentations on dental assisting continuing education. It was a wonderful experience that allowed us to make many valuable contacts. We extend our gratitude to the Yankee Dental Congress for inviting ADAA to present. A special thank you to the Massachusetts Dental Assistants Association, President Jeannine Carreiro, and the incredible ladies who hosted us. Their hospitality and friendship truly went above and beyond. Together, we manned the membership booth, gaining new members and contacts. I will also be representing ADAA and Dental Assistants at the DANB & DALE Workforce Coalition Taskforce. It’s an exciting time to be involved in these collaborations, and I look forward to sharing insights from this experience. 

I encourage state chapters, locals, and members to contribute articles about your activities to our journal. Sharing your news is a great way to support dental assistants and promote both ADAA and the profession. We’re eager to learn about what’s happening within our organization. As an educator, supporting dental assisting students, whether they are in CODA-approved programs, non-CODA programs, or office training, is crucial to me. We aim to support students and educators with continued education, fellowship, and mentorship. ADAA dental assistants are a vital resource for students. Please reach out to local school programs and dental assistants, offering your support to address their questions and concerns. 

Growing our membership remains a priority. I encourage each of you to recruit and mentor new members. If we don’t reach out, who will? As a Board, we are continually exploring ways to enhance our organization. This year is ours to celebrate and shine, so let’s invite other dental assistants to shine alongside us. 


Lisa Childers Hernandez, CDA, RDA, MEd 

President, ADAA 

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