Letter From Leadership: Mary Beth Sojka

Dear ADAA Graduate Members!

Congratulations on your commencement! Now it’s time to embark on your professional journey as much-needed dental assistant. There are plenty of employers eagerly waiting to hire you. And being connected to a leading, trusted dental association such as the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA) will help you go far.

Our association was founded by a group of professionals who understood the importance of a strong professional organization that can help dental assistants excel in their careers. For almost a century, we’ve been doing just that.

To continue the legacy, I’m always thinking about ways in which we can provide more. I regularly visit dentistry-related Facebook pages and often come across comments suggesting the formation of a union. Did you know the dues for ADAA are actually lower than the costs associated with forming a union-represented association? Our goal is to provide unmatched access to the benefits that matter most. We want this access to be affordable so that everyone, at every level in their career, can take advantage of the continuing education programs, webinars, products, and insurance discounts offered—without the financial stress.

Our structure allows us to stay informed about the happenings in different states, remain intimately connected with members, and build partnerships with organizations that share the same vision and values. Your feedback and comments are important. We are built around you and want to offer everyone from students to more seasoned members with the tools needed to excel in their careers.

Looking ahead, we are excited about our upcoming 100th anniversary in October 2024 where we will celebrate and honor the officers, directors, and members that have contributed significantly to the association over the years. We plan to celebrate in Dallas, Texas where the very first meeting was held. If you share our enthusiasm, we invite you to help us commemorate this milestone by joining the anniversary committee or being a part of this momentous occasion. More details about the event and how you can volunteer will be released soon. 

As always, thank you for being part of the ADAA. We are committed to supporting you throughout your professional journey.

Warm Regards,

Mary Beth Sojka, CDA-Emeritus, RDA 
ADAA President 

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