Letter From Leadership: Mary Beth Sojka

Dear ADAA Members, 

I have exciting news to share. ADAA has undergone a remarkable transformation as we embrace technology and step into the twenty-first century. Our partnership with Kellen has allowed us to continue our journey towards success and excellence. 

Sheila O’Neal, our new Executive Director, is supported by a dedicated team of professionals that are committed to seeing ADAA thrive. While we aren’t their only clients, rest assured that ADAA holds a special place for them. 

To enhance communication and streamline queries, we’ve ventured into the digital realm. You can now ask questions through the ADAA website, and our team responds within 3–5 business days. 

Our phone system also received a delightful facelift, bidding farewell to long wait times. The new “phone tree” routes your call to the appropriate staff member to address your concerns. While in route, you are entertained with pleasant tunes, providing a modern and efficient experience. 

Don’t forget to stay connected and regularly check your email for valuable information and association updates. We are in the process of streamlining our Fellowship and Mastership Program. With exciting things planned, I don’t want you to miss out. Visit the ADAA website for further instructions once you complete the program. 

Additionally, we’ve made changes to the rebate system, allowing for swift electronic transfers to State Chapters. Financial accountability is crucial, so we encourage you to check to make sure your financial services partner is bonded. ADAA is committed to transparency and safeguarding your trust. 

Continuing Education (CE) remains a priority for us. We proactively update our offerings to deliver the best in education for our members. Remember, it’s essential for each member to track their own CE credits for personal and professional growth. 

Please note that each state has its own dental assisting regulations. Stay informed about your state’s requirements to thrive within its unique framework. 

I, along with the Board, extend a heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. We’ve taken steps to make ourselves accessible virtually, by phone, and online to assist your needs.  

Let’s make this season one of growth and success. 

Warm regards,

Mary Beth Sojka, CDA-Emeritus, RDA
ADAA President

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